Aloha & Welcome to Living Your Passion!

“When you know what sparks your passion, you wake up everyday fired up and in love with life”.

I am passionate about lighting your fire and fanning the flames of your Heart-True Passions.  I am skilled in living-soul counseling  as an empathic and trained therapist to help you;
1.  Uncover your passion and joy and bring it alive in your body
2.  Navigate the “land-mines” that stop you from moving forward
3.  Inspire ideas and steps to manifest your Joy into reality
You will find me compassionate, inspiring, loving, persistent, intuitive, creative and most of all fun. 

All it takes on your part is saying yes to life; to the truth that lives in your heart and soul and your innate gifts that want to be celebrated.

Enjoy this website as a platform of inspiration,
Come alive in your Joy and expose yourself!
The world’s waiting for YOU!

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